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Dedicated to Smartphone Zombies

I thought of these little lines when I saw a group of men slowly stroll by, playing some dumb game, walking into this and that without any regard. And then there came about a hundred students more who were just the same:

Walking slowly,
staring downward,
never knowing
what’s around them.

Terrific fear
of missing out
their thumbs scroll through
an endless spout

Every soul feels it is truly unique.

My friend, let’s credit him as Atman Allah Rinpoche, gave me this great remix (the above was originally longer):

Ode to the dead people whoms’t walketh among the living

Slow they walk
Down they stare
Knowing not
What is where
In fear they are then
of missing out
thus their fingers scroll
onto an endless spout.

Like the lilies of Jesus
they are considered.

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