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Dream of Ikegami

In this one I was walking down one of the main streets in Ikegami district in Tokyo after having just had a bath at this run-down sento bath I used to enjoy. The sky seemed to be half-rendered and apocalyptic. I saw myself and the map in the dream in an isometric view. The buildings beyond the street were not there, it was just empty abyss below. No one was on the street. As I walked forward the map behind me would disappear. I could here this really distorted shamisen, it sounded a bit like the ending of Nine Inch Nails’ “A Warm Place”. Interestingly, I was naked, which doesn’t happen often in my dreams. The chilly wind pierced my very soul.

Upon waking up by the pounding rain I had the wickedest headache and I sat in bed shivering until I took a scorching shower to warm myself. I could still hear the shamisen or biwa or whatever it was in my half-asleep grogginess.

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