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Dream of a Classroom

This dream proceeded from the dream about Ikegami but it was distinctly separate. I was in a small classroom maybe 15 feet wide but 50 feet deep. It down in some musty basement somewhere, perhaps my mind was inspired by the classroom I envisioned William Stoner teaching in when he was first establishing himself as a professor. All the students were sitting there like statues. It was as if time stopped. The room was totally packed, no one moving, not even the teacher. The teacher looked a lot like how I imagined Koroviev in The Master and Margarita with a clownish outfit, broken little eyeglasses, balding with hair sticking up wildly, and some garish plaid pants. He was ghastly thin. He was looking at me, his eyes trained on my movements although absolutely nothing else moved. I could not even hear any breathing, only my own movements. I stood up from my desk in the back of the class and berated the teacher and the students for knowing nothing about something and I can’t quite remember what that something was but it was highly specific. I flipped my desk and chair over and grabbed my bag and stepped out into the hall.

The hall was bright and one wall was composed of these small concrete circles which reminded me of the Union Planters Bank in Miami Beach. The sun shone brightly through the glass and cast interesting circular shadows over the entire hall. I turned and started walking away. Looking back I notice the entire classroom is empty. I proceed down the stairs and notice a few men that I knew to be the administrators of this school giving chase to me but their movements were in hilariously slow motion. Usually the dreamer experiences the slow motion and not whatever is chasing you. Laughing at them, I gracefully descend into the parking lot, hop into my car, and drive away.

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