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Dream of a Bath II

I’m catching up only now on this past week’s dreams. The dreams keep growing in intensity of feeling which leaves me with some concern.

I was bathing in a tub which looked identical to the featured image. This is the bathroom of a house I looked at to live in a long time ago – it’s a big regret of mine that I didn’t appreciate the style of the place at the time. Anyway, I was relaxing there in that bath and looking out the window when suddenly some kind of appliance, I think it was a laptop, appeared out of thin air and dropped into the tub. It was plugged in. I felt myself being shocked to death and I mustered what strength I could in my paralyzed muscles and threw myself out of that window. The deck was much larger in the dream, though – I felt totally disoriented like I did not even know where or who I was and I see my brother. I ask him why he did not help me. Saying nothing, he disappeared.

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