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Dream of Friendship

I’ve had so many interesting dreams lately. I attribute this to a new before-bed routine. I take a melatonin about an hour before I intend to sleep alongside a cup of a relaxation tea. Screen-time before bed is, of course, minimized and when I enter the bedroom I treat the area like I’m entering a ritual space. Naturally, there’s no television in sight.

Last night, I dreamed I was walking around with a close friend of mine who actually rents a room from me. He has been deeply upset after being broken-up with, as anyone would be. It was his first relationship. There’s such misery going around. Anyway, we walked around in this vast room that looked a lot like the TWA terminal up there except it had no furniture in it. I was wearing some funny robe like an ancient hermetic sage. As we walked towards the walls the room would grow larger, or perhaps we would grow smaller so that we would never reach the walls. I’m not sure.

The conversation was basically us trading maxims doubtlessly floating on my subconscious from books I’ve completed recently. I saw a lot of cinematic value here, it was like a bizarre dream sequence from a Tarkovsky movie.

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