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The Farce of Online Dating

I equate the whole system to sending fan mail to a celebrity. Ordinarily, there are two kinds of mail that this celebrity in this universe than receive – priority and normal. If you pay a little bit of money to the post office, they can send it priority, but yours outwardly looks to be the same as any other letter until it is opened. Just like in reality, the celebrity becomes so desensitized and over-socialized that the communication they receive quickly loses any special meaning. Like everything else in this throw-away generation, if the smallest flaw is perceived in a person, why even bother working through it when there’s a hundred other thirsty people you can try out?

Forget about the other obvious problems that don’t present themselves in real life dating, like scammers from foreign countries filling up your inbox with nonsense or people misrepresenting their appearance. This is the fundamental issue. Your vote counts the same as everyone else. Until the crucial real life meeting happens, so many things are discounted – your body language, your scent, your presence, the sound of your voice, the rhythm of your breath, the depth of your eyes, and the manner of your movements to name the most obvious. This is the crucial failing of online dating. While one is able to see more honestly into the personalities of individuals if they, too, are being honest, the whole other half is missing. I do not mean this in a superficial way. Looks fade away with age, that much is certain. I believe, if true connection is established, people can silently speak to one another on the level of their souls.

I have been so disappointed time and again that I believe I am going to real in my long-lines and forget about this entire embarrassing episode. My yearnings are bringing me total misery. I am in a vast desert that stretches on for as far as my dry eyes can see and the dust is choking me but what else can I do? Crying about it as I so want to do will just parch me more. I’ll just keep trudging along towards the uncertain future.

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