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Dream of a Tea Room

The dream begins with my sister introducing me to a Chinese woman  from apparently some very good family. They were friends somehow despite my sister being a high school student and this woman appearing at least a few years older than me. She was tall, perhaps around 6’1″, and quite slender. Some cinematic cut-type action happens and we are all sitting in front of a floor table in a dim room painted with sanguine hues. Some tea is brought out by an unseen hand and set upon the table and I drink, falling into a hallucinatory state. She keeps touching my feet all the while in a tender way.

I see myself in the back room of my house. The house is set up so when one peers through a door way one sees all the rooms clear to the windows so the original builders before air conditioning had a cross breeze. I groggily look up and into my living room and see a figure sitting on the couch although its features were difficult to make out. For some reason, I feel this is my deceased brother. I call out to him but he does not answer. The figure regards me and then fades away. In turn, I fade away.

Now I find myself in a rainy, dark, and humid atmosphere by a pool of water that feels like air. Two half-men half-monkeys come over and sit beside me and groom one another affectionately. I am sitting in the water fully clothed, yet the water does not soak me. My limbs begin to feel extremely stiff, as if I just ran ten or more miles or did a heavy compound lift for the very first time. Soreness and stiffness is felt in every muscle and in every joint and I feel I am turning to stone. I am stuck in an upright sitting position and a feeling of blood rushing to my head is all I know. The same fuzzy figures appear around and a humming, distant before, grows louder until it is a pervasive drone.

Be careful on dates!

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